Primary Pens: Nurturing Young Writers through Effective Instruction
(Grades K-3)

This module helps teachers introduce writing in early grades, exploring students’ developmental stages from Pre-K and the Simple View of Writing.

Crafting Excellence: Deconstructing Writing Prompts and Mastering College & Career Writing
Standards (Grades 3rd-12th)

This module trains educators on the MS-CCR writing standards and MAAP Writing Rubric,  enhancing understanding of writing expectations and use of the rubric for analyzing and
scoring student work.

Inform & Inspire: Elevating Instruction in Informative and Expository Writing

Day two of a three-day session focuses on enhancing educators’ grasp of the MSCCR standards for informative/expository writing, featuring research review, practical teaching strategies, and action planning for classroom success.

Unleashing Imagination: Mastering the Art of Narrative Writing Instruction

Day three of a three-day session aims to improve educators’ knowledge of the MSCCR standards for narrative writing through research review, active teaching strategies, and developing a classroom implementation plan.

Persuasion Mastery: Empowering Educators in opinion and Argumentative
Writing (K-12th)

This module, the first of a three-day session, aims to deepen educators’ understanding of the MS-CCR standards for opinion/argumentative writing.