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“During the first semester of 2017-18, my school had the opportunity to partner with GES to work with our math teachers. As a result, our math department improved from the previous year by more than 60 points, helping our school move from F to D. Virtually all our growth came from math.”

SONIA BOLDEN, Assistant Principal, Carver Elementary

“Excellent service. Greene Education Services gave teachers and students exactly what they needed. At every turn, they met or exceeded my expectations. GES focused on helping teachers improve the number of proficient students. Both schools they were asked to partner with are on track to be A schools.”

CANDRA NELSON SCOTT, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Canton Public School District

“As a result of the JDSCD Leadership Retreat and the work that Greene Education provided for us, I have asked the team to continue to support us with our leadership efforts for both current and aspiring administrators. In addition to those supports, we are seeking subject area coaching in ELA, math, science, and US History. We look forward to GES providing some support, on-site coaching, and guidance with regard to how our teachers can best support academic learning.”

BOBBY WILSON, Vice President, Jefferson Davis County School Board

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