Express Yourself: Developing a Rich Understanding of Expressions and Equations
(Grades 6th -8th)

This three-day module tackles misconceptions about variables, expressions, equations, and
functions in middle school, equipping teachers to identify errors and limitations and replace them with stronger concepts and strategies.

Fractions from the Classroom to the Real World
(Grades 3rd -5th)

This three-day module offers strategies for teaching 3rd-5th grade fractions with physical and visual models, focusing on engaging students through fluency-building activities.


Effective Mathematical Discourse to Promote Success in Middle Grades
(Grades 3rd -12th)

This three-day module enables teachers to foster mathematical discourse with research-based practices, involving hands-on activities to enhance reasoning and use of conceptual lessons’ representations to stimulate student discussions, questioning, connections, and explanations.

Incorporating Reading Strategies to Solve Math Problems (K-12th)

This three-day module equips educators with strategies to help students tackle complex word problems through reading, annotating, and writing, breaking down problems into manageable parts and using storytelling to enhance understanding.